Pitcher Workout

Online Program Instructions

Use the tabs to the right of the page to see the workouts broken down by phase. The first tab, “Foundation Phase” provides the entire training routine for the first phase. The subsequent phases are in the appropriate order as listed below. Please ask the staff if you have any questions or confusion about what workout you should be doing. Have a safe and healthy off-season!

1. Foundation Phase — Weeks 1-4

This is the beginning of the program. Train with goals of increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, and improving endurance. This phase will prepare you for the more intense workout phases.

  • Goals: ↑ Muscle mass,  body fat,  work capacity, and prepare for more intense and specific workouts.
  • Sets: 3 – 6
  • Repetitions: 8 – 20
  • Repetition Tempo: Moderate
  • Training Intensity: Low-Moderate
  • Length: 4 Weeks

2. Strength Phases (I and II) — Weeks 5-10

With an existing training base, the goal is to now increase overall strength by increasing the intensity of our lifts (i.e. choosing heavier weights). The volume of training will be reduced slightly from the Foundation Phase in some exercises. However, the overall workload is greater due to the increased training intensity.

  • Goals: ↑ Basic strength levels,  intensity (the amount of weight lifted), and maintain a certain level of training volume.
  • Sets: 3 – 5
  • Repetitions: 4 – 10
  • Repetition Tempo: Moderate-Slow
  • Training Intensity: Moderate-High
  • Length: 6 Weeks

3. Power Phases (I and II) — Weeks 11-16

Having progressed our strength in the previous phase, our goal now is to emphasize power development. Power is the combination of strength and speed. Our training intensity will remain high (continuing to increase), and our training focus should be on moving the weight in an explosive manner. Even when the weight is too challenging to move quickly, having the intent to move fast will result in improved muscle power. Be cautious to remain in control during the lowering phases of all lifts when applying this technique. Be explosive and powerful, but not reckless. You should never disregard safe training techniques. The power phases will also include training complexes (strength movements paired consecutively with explosive movements) and medicine ball programs for the development of speed-strength.

  • Goals: ↑ Basic power levels,  Peak strength levels (the amount of weight lifted), and  Speed levels.
  • Sets: 3 – 4
  • Repetitions: 2 – 8
  • Repetition  Tempo: Explosive and Varied
  • Training Intensity: High
  • Length: 6 Weeks

“You never rise to the occasion, you merely fall to your level of preparation.”